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Gloria Jean's Designs Fine Fashion Jewelry

As an empty Nester, I was looking for something to keep busy with and also supplement our income. I wanted something that my husband and I could do and share time together.

I have always done arts and crafts, painting, sewing and dress making. I do needle work, knitting and crocheting. I also made beaded jewelry.

My husband worked making costume jewelry while working his way through college. From casting the pieces to the finishing work, he did the full process.

After some discussion and many hours of research, we decided to produce a line of fashion jewelry at a reasonable price.

For every new design offered, we strive to keep every piece stylish and reasonable priced. Also, each piece is lead and nickel free. The earrings are, also, hypo-allergenic.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Fashionable Jewelry, Necklaces, Chains, Accessories

fine fashion jewelry necklaces
Fashion Necklaces

Find that perfect necklace to wear with your favorite dress. These fashion necklaces have been designed with a variety of tatse in mind.

fine fashion earrings
Affordable Earrings

Browse through our earrings and find the perfect pair that compliments your outfit. From dainty studs to long dangles, you'll discover a variety of styles.

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Stylish Bracelets

Find just the right bracelet and/or anklet to compliment your outfit -- from casual to dressy. Complete your outfit with the perfect accessory.

custom fashion jewelry
Jewelry Sets

With our Jewelry sets, you get the perfect earrings to go with the necklace. Some sets even have bracelets with them. Check out our fabulous sets for any occasion.